We facilitate the following groups:
Smart Recovery

Guided by trained professionals from Calvary Drug and Alcohol Centre, participants attend to help themselves and each other by using a variety of cognitive behaviour therapy and motivational tools and techniques. This group aims to assists with problematic behaviours, including addiction to drugs and alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, food, shopping, internet and others. This is a registered program through SMART Recovery Australia and held every Wednesday at 2pm.

Understanding Anxiety

This program focuses on anxiety.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action”

This is an 8 week closed group.

Beating the Blues

Learn new ways of coping with Depression. Depression can impact on any kind of person at any stage of their life. Always remember you are not alone and depression is treatable.

This is an 8 week closed group.


Resume, Interview, Strengths, Engage – Unemployment program

Work with an employment agency to help build you skills to gain employment. Workshops every Tuesday.