Service providers

Are you a healthcare professional or provider of services to people with a mental illness or with mental health concerns? LikeMind is here to work with you and your consumers.

Our Aims

The aim of LikeMind is to provide integrated, coordinated services for adult mental health consumers. We offer new pathways to integrated mental health care, co-located general and specialist care options and consumer-driven recovery through care coordination and support.

Our Services

We offer comprehensive intake and assessment of consumers’ needs and recovery-orientated goals. LikeMind means care coordination, along with access to a variety of onsite services, in partnership with a consortium. We have a holistic approach to consumer assistance incorporating mental health, physical health, drug and alcohol, as well as community and vocational participation.


LikeMind provides a service to adults with lived experience of mental illness and those with a current mental health concern. We also provide service to families and carers.

LikeMind is not limited to the traditional geographical boundaries of the Local Health District. We are not a crisis response services, however, we do have established links with Local Health District Mental Health Services in the regions we serve.

Referrals to LikeMind

There are a range of ways consumers can access LikeMind, namely:

  • walk into a site
  • via phone appointment or
  • through a GP or service provider referral.

To refer a consumer we require completion of the LikeMind Service Provider Referral (SPR) Form. To obtain an SPR Form or to find out more about LikeMind from one of our clinicians, please contact us. We are always happy to discuss eligibility, referral and assessment.