Employers & employees

Disability Employment Services

LikeMind works with Break Thru People Solutions, to deliver Federal Government Disability Employment Services. We offer employers free tailored recruitment and training services, allowing you to recruit and retain the best people from our diverse talent pool. Services include:

  • offering skilled candidates who are job ready
  • improve your business productivity with our job matching service
  • increasing customer loyalty though stronger local community engagement
  • improving your business flexibility by assisting with part time or job sharing roles
  • improving safety records through training.

Access to Information and Assistance

There are a number of ways your staff may access LikeMind. This includes attending a site in person, making a phone appointment or being referred by a GP or other service provider.

If you feel an employee may benefit from our services, or if you would like further information about how we can assist you, your employees and your business to better understand mental health issues, contact us.