“It feels like you’re on your own; like no one really understands.”

Too often this is the reality for people who have mental health concerns. Even if you do reach out to seek help, you may be bounced from specialist to specialist, each time having to re-tell your story. At LikeMind we understand that reaching out for help can be hard, we will work together, and with you, to address your mental health needs and link you with the services you need.

At LikeMind your journey will begin with a trained healthcare professional, working with you to understand your specific needs, listening to your goals, and helping you develop a Coordinated Care Plan to achieve them.

We can then connect you with a variety of supports that are delivered from LikeMind to help achieve any goals you may have around mental health, drug and alcohol, employment and training, housing and more.

To learn more about how LikeMind can help, you can phone us, get a referral from a GP or other healthcare professional, or just come in and see us. Visit our locations page to find out where your nearest LikeMind site is.