Service Partners

Lead Agency:

With over 40 years experience assisting people with mental health, Uniting is the lead agency for LikeMind in the Western Sydney region. Here are some of the services provided by Uniting.

Mental Health Families and Carers Program

We offer support, training and information to families and carers of people with mental illness, including peer support and individualised assistance.

Mental Health Carer Respite Service

LikeMind offers a range of support services, providing information, education and respite for your carers or family members.

Partners in Recovery Support Facilitators

If you are someone with severe and persistent mental illness, these specialists can help you with care co-ordination and managing service referrals.

Financial Counselling

We provide an accredited financial counsellor, offering personal assistance to deal with your financial stress, negotiate with creditors, and develop budgets.

Quit Smoking

We provide support services to help you to quit smoking.


Through LikeMind, you can access the health services provided by Western Sydney Local Health District. This may include hospital and community health services.

We work with staff from NSW Family and Community Services, helping you work with the department, including coordination of your services and access to Housing NSW.


TAFE Western Sydney offers you access to a world of training and skills development courses through things like career counselling, student events and “taster” courses. Through LikeMind, you may even be eligible for fee exemptions to certain courses, or units of study.

Diabetes NSW & ACT work with LikeMind to offer services if you have type 2 diabetes. This includes nutrition advice, exercise programs and diabetes education.

Global Skills is a provider of Federal Government Employment Services. Through LikeMind you can access free, individualised employment services, like job search support, skills development and training. We’ll help you meet Centrelink requirements, pay for work-related support, work with employers and give you ongoing support after you have been placed in work.

The Western Sydney University works with LikeMind, offering research information and development of our staff. This helps us deliver services which meet your specific needs. We are also working with the Western Sydney University to develop services which meet the needs of Indigenous Australians and people from Cultural and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds.

Evolve Housing can provide access to training programs including a tenant’s course called ‘Rent it Keep it.’ They can also provide you with information and advice about housing and accommodation, and assess your specific housing needs.

The Cancer Council works with LikeMind to provide support to its consumers with Quit Smoking initiatives.



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