Our Services

At LikeMind Seven Hills we have a variety of services available and a variety of ways in which we can support individuals seeking help to address their mental health concerns.

Mental Health Care

LikeMind will connect you with appropriate mental health care services. We have close partnerships with teams in the Local Health District and, when required, we can support you to connect with the Local Health District. We can also connect you with specialist psychological services and other counselling support, such as financial and gambling counselling. If you need the assistance of a psychiatrist, we can support you to link in with one.

Drug and Alcohol Services

If required, we can connect you to Drug and Alcohol Services as part of your Coordinated Care Plan. These services are provided by the Local Health District.

Primary Health Care

The LikeMind team are onsite to help support your overall health and wellbeing. This may include liaising and connecting with your general practitioner to support you with physical health checks, access to sexual and reproductive health services, help to quit smoking, or referral to psychiatry or other specialists. If you don’t have a regular general practitioner we can support you to find one local to you.

Vocational and Employment Services

If you require help finding a job, we work closely with local employment providers to help you on a pathway to work. If you need to develop your skills, we can help you access the widest possible range of training courses through TAFE NSW.

Carer Support

LikeMind services are extended to carers or members of your family. We can connect your carer or family member to a number of support services.

Other Types of Support

There are many other services, all located onsite, to assist and support you. These can include: community and workforce participation, financial help and housing or accommodation support.

For further information come in and see us or request a referral from your Health Professional or Service Provider.



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